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What is NuFiber?

Nutrient Control Systems has developed a complete process, designed to wash and extract the cellulose and lignin plant fibers out of agriculture residuals.   The fiber is then treated in an in-vessel aerobic-biological process, which further reduces moisture, kills pathogens and eliminates offensive odor.

NuFiber® is available in bulk form at various strategic locations across the United States.  Also available as a packaged product in certain applications.

How Can NuFiber Be Used?


Turf Grass

Nurseries/ Greenhouses

Organic Crops


Oil Absorption

Why Use NuFiber?

Can be used as a loss of circualtion material (LCM) in oil/gas well drilling.

Provides tilth and organic matter to native soils.

100% sustainable, locally sourced and environmentally friendly.

Absorbs water at 5 to 7 times its own weight.

Naturally has a PH of 8 and typical NPK value of 1-1-1.

NuFiber® is OMRI certified organic.

Is an excellent soil amendment or top dressing for turf and row crops.

Can be used as a solidification product to absorb waste oil and other fluids for further treatment or landfill disposal.

Replaces Sphagnum peat moss and Coconut coir by up to 50% or more in soil mixes.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…