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We provide environmentally and financially sustainable solutions to agriculture, horticulture, and industrial customers.

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What Is NuFiber?

NuFiber® provides an all in one soil building amendment.

NuFiber® is simply; the cellulose plant fiber, extracted from agriculture residuals, treated through a natural biological and thermal process, which produces a pathogen free, organic soil amendment that can be used in lawn/garden and a variety of horticultural markets.  

NuFiber® also has applications for use in oil/gas production, spill clean-up and other industrial markets. Click the button below and learn more about what NuFiber® is and exactly what it can do for you…

Why Use NuFiber?

Who Is NuFiber?

NuFiber® is a product division of Nutrient Control Systems Inc. (NCS) was founded in 2001 with the vision of improving manure handling practices and water quality within the highly sensitive Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  NCS has become an industry leader in the technological development of residuals processing systems for both agricultural and industrial customers. 

Our current geographic reach stretches from our home base in Pennsylvania, south to Florida and west to California, Washington, and Oregon.

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